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Memo of Understanding for A Joint Wildfire Protection and Mitigation Collaboration

OroraTech GmbH (“OroraTech”) and SkyScout Ai Innovations, Inc. (“SkyScout”),

are entering into a collaboration to integrate OroraTech’s data stack into SkyScout’s

wildfire management dashboard and also to work collaboratively on global business

development opportunities. Both companies share a focus and desire to support

wildfire management by combining efforts to predict, prevent, and respond to

wildfires with real-time data, the latest advances in artificial intelligence and on-

demand fire-fighting drones.

OroraTech is a Germany based company that is a global intelligence-as-a-service

company leveraging thermal data for a sustainable Earth. Their product, Wildfire

Solution, powered by high-resolution thermal data from a proprietary space-based

sensor system, is trusted worldwide for revolutionizing wildfire detection. Since

2022, OroraTech has established a comprehensive global monitoring network,

delivering real-time situational awareness and prompt risk alerts. The cutting-

edge system detects fires of any scale, day or night, ensuring timely action.

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