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SkyScoutAi Innovations Inc. and Mighty Fire Breaker LLC Bring Non-Toxic Wildfire Inhibitor to Canada

• SkyScoutAi granted exclusive Canadian license to distribute Citrotech®

• Citrotech® is the only wildfire inhibitor certified by EPA’s Safer Choice Program

• Citrotech® is now available in Canada to support efforts in the 2024 wildfire season

Vancouver, BC, Canada (March 29, 2024) — SkyScoutAi Innovations Inc., a platform using satellites and drones to detect and stop wildfires, is delighted to announce it has been granted an exclusive license from California-based Mighty Fire Breaker to distribute Citrotech®, a first-of-its-kind fire inhibitor, in Canada.

Citrotech®, a non-toxic and non-carcinogenic fire inhibitor that prevents and puts out wildfires, is certified by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Safer Choice Program and is a recipient of the EPA Partner of the Year Award in 2023. It is a breakthrough fire inhibitor that can also pre-treat structures and land to protect them before a wildfire occurs.

SkyScoutAi, will deploy Citrotech® in its Tanker Drones™ to put out inception spot fires within minutes of their detection. SkyscoutAi’s mobile units can pre-position its fleets of surveillance, heat-detection and payload-carrying drones in wildfire risk zones to pre-treat land and property during periods of elevated wildfire threat.

SkyScoutAi and Citrotech® will be ready for Canada’s 2024 wildfire season.

"This partnership is a significant milestone in our mission to protect lives, property, and the environment from the devastating effects of wildfires," said Shepherd. “We will be using Citrotech® in support of overall wildfire mitigation efforts and also supplying it to those in Canada for enhanced protection from wildfires.”

Added Conboy: "SkyScoutAi's technology, combined with Citrotech®, will provide an unparalleled level of fire defense. Laboratory and field tests have shown Citrotech® mitigates the risk of wildfires and can prevent forest fuels and structures from catching fire. Best of all, there are no toxic or carcinogenic chemicals in this product to harm firefighters.”

Citrotech® is the only wildfire inhibitor recognized by the EPA’s Safer Choice Pollution Prevention program, which recognizes products and practices that reduce, eliminate, or prevent pollution.

Mighty Fire Breaker™ has tested its Citrotech® Fire Inhibitor product on numerous structure and wildfire conditions. Fire departments in California, following extensive testing and trials, are starting to adopt this new, safer technology. Citrotech® has accreditation with UL GreenGuard Gold, UL LENS certification and is listed as non-toxic, non-hazardous to meet California’s Prop 65 in support of their Clean Water Act.

For more information about Citrotech® in Canada, please contact: Shawn Bethel, CCO, SkyScout Ai Innovations Inc.


Scott Shepherd, CEO Steve Conboy, Founder & CEO

SkyScout Ai Innovations Inc. Mighty Fire Breaker

About Mighty Fire Breaker®: The Mighty Fire Breaker™ mission is to bring best practice, documented, proactive wildfire defense systems and programs supported by safe, environmentally friendly chemistry to help lower the risk of property loss from wildfire. Mighty Fire Breaker’s® Citrotech® fire inhibitor can be used in the home, at work, and within your community, promoting a healthier, sustainable world. Learn more at or watch a demonstration of the Mighty Fire Breaker® Wildfire Home and Community Defense Network here.

About Citrotech® FIRE MITIGATOR™: Citrotech® is a patented Fire Chemistry, certified by the EPA Safer Choice Program, UL GreenGuard Gold, UL LENS and is listed as non-toxic non-hazardous to meet California’s Prop 65 and supports “The Clean Water Act”. MFB-31-Citrotech® is made with food grade constituents that are GRAS and REACH approved and blended with water the delivery agent.

About SkyScoutAi Innovations Inc.: SkyscoutAi combines Ai, drones and satellite surveillance systems to detect and prevent wildfires, with a particular focus on protecting communities, property and people from deadly interface wildfires. Using Ai, SkyscoutAi’s platform can detect a small fire or ember hotspots, identify their position and dispatch ‘Tanker Drones™ to the precise location within minutes. Order Citrotech® or find out more:

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