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Firefighting Innovator Kristina Marsden Joins Board of SkyScout Ai Innovations Inc.

Vancouver, June 12, 2024 — SkyScout Ai Innovations Inc, a new satellite and drone technology company that detects and stops wildfires, is delighted to announce that Kristina Marsden has joined the board of directors.

Marsden is one of Canada’s leading executors in aerial firefighting innovation. As the former Director of Programs & Production at Conair Aerial Firefighting, Marsden led Conair’s aircraft modification and production program. She brought into service the world’s most advanced aerial firefighting and emergency response aircraft, and helped modernize the largest civilian aerial firefighting fleet, with over 80 aircraft operating globally.

“SkyScout’s artificial intelligence powered software, driving an advanced satellite and drone detection network, is an important part of the future of wildfire fighting technology,” said Marsden. “This is a team that has the experience and proven track record to implement this vital technology now. SkyScout Ai is a critical tool in this collective fight to detect and respond to wildfires at the earliest stage, to safeguard people, property and forests."

Marsden spent her early career working on rotary wing contract implementations for offshore transport services in the oil and gas industry across North, Central, and South America. She brings to SkyScout Ai 15+ years of operational experience and accomplishments in bringing world-class innovative products and services to market.

"Kristina is another important addition to our team and mission to protect lives, property, and the environment from the devastating impact of wildfires," said Scott Shepherd, CEO of SkyScout Ai. “Her global experience in aerial firefighting, along with her proven leadership and embrace of innovation, will help bring SkyScout Ai to communities across British Columbia, Canada and the world.”

About SkyScout Ai Innovations:

SkyScou tAi combines AI, drones, and satellite surveillance systems to detect, prevent and mitigate wildfires, with a particular focus on protecting communities, property and people from deadly interface wildfires. Using SkyScout Ai’s technology, our Scout Drones™ can immediately detect a small fire or ember hotspot and dispatch Tanker Drones™ to the precise location within minutes. Find out more at


Scott Shepherd, CEO

SkyScout Ai Innovations Inc.

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