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City of Kelowna: Joint Pilot Project for Wildfire Protection and Mitigation

The City of Kelowna and SkyScout Ai Innovations, Inc. (“SkyScout”), a B.C.-based company, are pleased to be entering into a pilot project to develop a first-of-its kind Ai-powered drone network to detect, prevent, and respond to interface wildfires. This document confirms our intention to work together to develop and implement this pilot project (the “Project”).

Our goal is to demonstrate that this made-in-BC platform is suitable for use by private and public sector users across Canada and around the world to assist and support wildfire services and first responders in protecting lives and property from wildfires. Both parties are now commencing the preparation of a Collaboration Agreement. The project activities will provide for a better estimate of pricing, but in any event, there is no commitment beyond the project to purchase or provide ongoing services without the agreement of both parties. A demonstration cost based on actual hard costs will be presented to The City of Kelowna for approval prior to the work commencing

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