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A new way to detect, respond,

and protect communities & infrastructure from wildfires

Wildfires: Our New Reality

“With our early-detection network of satellites, drones, we are a new way to detect and respond to interface wildfires, slowing down or sometimes even extinguishing them before they rage out of control.”


- Scott Shepherd, CEO

SkyScout drone and weatherproof port


Our satellite data and drone surveillance driven by artificial intelligence can detect fire ignition anywhere in the world. 


Once ignition is detected, a signal is sent to our 24/7 pilot network launches our pre-positioned drones that arrive at the ignition point within minutes to gather live data and drop fire retardant, slowing initial spread.



Early detection sensors and precise mapping means that forest-fire fighters receive real-time data to augment their essential efforts to save lives, forests, animals, and property. Stopping forest fires and wildfires reduce the CO2 released into the atmosphere and keeps carbon sequestered in the natural ecosystem.


'SkyScout Ai is developing an early-warning system for wildfires that involves drones, satellite imagery and machine learning .. . SkyScout will focus its efforts on built-up areas that are at risk due to their proximity to forests. The company plans for its drones to patrol these zones from the air, collecting thermal data from the ground and the tree canopy, and using that info to map hot spots and send real-time alerts about possible conflagrations to the fire service in that area.' ------  THE TORONTO STAR  Aug. 2023


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